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Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin AddictionVicodin is a powerful prescription opioid that doctors recommend for chronic pain and post-surgery pain relief. However, its opiate-base also makes Vicodin highly addictive. In fact, five percent of Ohio residents above the age of 12 report using a prescription drug like Vicodin in an abusive manner. In the case of Vicodin dependencies, it’s important to know as much as you can about the addiction, how it’s treated and why you should consider getting help.

Vicodin Addiction Facts

Vicodin addiction can take effect very quickly as the drug is quite powerful. With it comes a powerful physical dependency that makes it difficult to stop taking Vicodin. Over time, you will have to take more and more of the drug as your body becomes more tolerant of its effects, making it even harder to change your habits.

Having a Vicodin dependency does not necessarily mean you only experience physical symptoms. Vicodin addiction takes a significant toll on your mental status as well. Many people begin using Vicodin in order to ease their pain, but after prolonged use, they may feel phantom pains or think their pain will become greater than it is if they cannot have more Vicodin. This aspect of your addiction can be especially difficult to overcome.

Why Seek Help for Vicodin Addiction?

Vicodin addiction is difficult for anyone to tolerate, and it’s especially difficult to change your life alone. If you suffer from a Vicodin addiction, it can have a significant impact on you as well as the people around you. Your health may suffer, especially if you are unable to access the drug and begin to experience withdrawal. Vicodin addiction may have a profound impact on your moods as well, even leading you to become withdrawn from loved ones.

As a Vicodin addict, you may be able to function normally for some time. Often professionals are able to hide their addictions for months and sometimes even years before anyone notices. However, as your addiction progresses, Vicodin may become harder to come by, making it more difficult to keep your secret. Some Vicodin addicts even lose their jobs because of their inability to cope or because they find themselves in legal trouble while trying to obtain more of the drug.

Getting help can rectify many of these issues. It’s not an instant solution but treatment can help you overcome addiction and change your life.

How Vicodin Addiction Is Treated

Vicodin addictions are commonly treated with inpatient care, due to the nature of the addiction. You’ll be allowed to detox before you begin more traditional therapeutic practices. Vicodin rehab can be a lengthy process, as most programs last at least 30 days and some extend for many months. Finding a program that fits your comfort level is one of the most important things; if you need assistance, we are here to help.

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