Fears about Life after Rehab

Fears about Life after RehabLife lived in the grip of alcohol and drug addiction is generally chaotic and full of challenges. For many people, however, it is the only kind of life they know. Beginning a different kind of life after drug and alcohol rehabilitation can seem frightening because of all the changes that must be made.

Any change can seem overwhelming at first, and the changes related to addiction recovery are no exception. Having support on the journey is vital. Addiction support groups can provide Ohio residents both emotional and practical help and are a great resource for recovering addicts, especially those new to the recovery journey. Many groups provide newer members with older mentors who can provide an extra measure of personal guidance.

Changes in the Lives of Ohio Residents after Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Some of the changes that may be necessary for Ohio residents after drug and alcohol rehabilitation include the following:

  • Employment- Sometimes people can easily re-enter job positions they previously held. It is common, however, for people in the grip of addiction to find it difficult to maintain stable employment, so life after rehab often involves finding a new job. A job that is not too stressful and which does not expose workers to substance abuse triggers is the best choice for those beginning their recovery journey. Sometimes people need to take a job that is not a perfect fit for them in order to begin building a steady employment history and meet financial obligations.
  • Family Relationships – Addiction often puts great strain on family relationships and rebuilding them after rehab is a significant goal. Counselors often recommend that people in recovery apologize to those they know they have hurt and make amends for past actions. It often takes time to rebuild relationships and restore trust and family counseling can help this process.
  • Friendships – People in recovery need to avoid substance use triggers, and this often involves making a change in social groups. A significant fear for many people in recovery is that their new life will be friendless and boring. Making new friends is generally not as hard as people believe it will be, however. In addition to addiction support groups, new relationships can be formed at work, school, or church. Sometimes people choose to join new clubs or sports teams and new friendships can develop from them.

Support for Ohio Residents in Recovery

A quality addiction treatment program will provide for aftercare and will help Ohio patients make the transition to a sober life. If you are ready to treat an addiction, we can help you find the treatment program that is right for you. We can even check your insurance coverage if you wish, to help you identify your options. Our helpline is toll-free and available 24 hours a day. Call now and take the first step toward a new life.