Top Intervention Models

Top Intervention ModelsDrug interventionists step in when families need help getting an Ohio loved one to admit to an addiction. Interventionists guide family members and friends through the process of planning and carrying out an intervention, and they work with family members to find the right rehab program for their loved one. A professional interventionist can help an addict beyond what family members and friends can do. There are several intervention models that these professionals use when helping an addict; while each model has unique characteristics, all have the same goal of getting an addict into professional treatment.

What Is the Johnson Intervention Model for Addiction?

The Johnson Drug Intervention Model utilizes images of rock bottom to encourage addicted Ohio residents to seek help. The bottom is usually where an addict has to get before realizing there is a problem. Through the Johnson Intervention Model, an addict is able to see and understand the consequences of his addiction through a fabricated crisis that is powerful enough to compel him into treatment. This type of intervention helps addicts experience what might happen if the addiction is left untreated.

What Is the Arise Model for Addiction Intervention?

The Arise Drug Intervention Model is a three-phase intervention. Phase A begins with the first call to a certified Arise Interventionist who helps family members and friends form an intervention network. In this network, no one deals with the addict alone. A formal intervention is planned, and serious consequences are put into place if the addict avoids treatment. Phase B begins when the addict enters treatment. At this time, Ohio family members attend a 12-step program to heal everyone affected by the addiction. In Phase C, the interventionist works with intervention network and the recovering addict to help prevent relapse, work toward long-term recovery and heal family relationships.

What Is the Invitational Model for Addiction Intervention?

The Invitational Intervention Model, also known as the Systemic Model, focuses on both the addict and her family. In this type of intervention, the entire family is addressed, and the Ohio drug addict is invited to attend. The basis of this non-confrontational model is to fix the flawed system, in this case the family, so that each part of the system has the opportunity to change.
What Is the Motivational Interviewing Model for Addiction Intervention?

The Motivational Interview Model is based on the research of William Miller and Stephen Rollnick. In their book, Motivational Interviewing: Preparing People to Change Addictive Behavior, Miller and Rollnick focus on a methodological approach based on the addict and her willingness to change. The addict’s behavior dictates the stages of the intervention and the level of confrontation, and the interventionist adapts to meet those behaviors. This method is a more therapist-based approach than other methods.

Intervention and Addiction help for Ohio Residents

Each intervention model shares the common goal of getting your Ohio loved one into the right treatment program for his unique situation. If you need help finding a drug interventionist, we are here for you. Any Ohio resident can call our toll-free helpline now as it is operated 24 hours a day.