Does Addiction Prevention Work?

Does Addiction Prevention Work?With the increasing problems of drug abuse has come increased awareness about its dangers. Public resolve to deal with substance abuse has also increased; private interests, non-profit organizations, faith-based groups, communities, and local, state and federal agencies have all joined efforts to treat addiction and prevent its occurrence. While the problem remains epidemic, efforts at prevention have proven to reduce the problem at all levels. These programs are extremely beneficial to many Ohio drug addicts and they can help you as well.

Types of Addiction Prevention Available to Ohio Residents

Professionals approach addiction prevention in two ways. The first is to treat people who are already addicted. It may seem like it is too late to prevent addiction in addicts, but the idea is to facilitate recovery and to prevent future addictive behavior. This can minimize the corresponding damage addiction does to individuals, communities and society. With effective treatment Ohio drug addicts can recover, rehabilitate themselves and become productive members of society.

The second approach is to educate young people to avoid substance abuse in the future. Many separate entities have combined forces to reach the youth before they begin experimenting with drugs. These entities have produced a vast array of resources and programs designed to educate the public and stop substance abuse in future generations. These programs often incorporate a holistic approach to treat mental health issues alongside substance abuse. They aim to educate Ohio residents while they promote mental health in general.

Many federal agencies support local programs that work to prevent addiction and substance abuse. Also, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, administers programs and resources that can be used at the community and state levels to prevent substance abuse while they encourage good mental health. Some SAMHSA programs provide federal funding to states, territories and federally recognized tribal organizations to help end substance abuse. Under this program SAMHSA has funded 49 states, 19 tribal organization, eight territories and the District of Columbia. Ohio residents can find help if they know where to look.

Benefits of Addiction Prevention for Ohio Residents

Addiction prevention programs offer an improved quality of life and they reduce the problems associated with addiction; however, these benefits are also difficult to quantify. In other words, it is impossible to calculate exactly how successful these programs are seeing as the goal is to keep people from using drugs. On the other hand, Ohio residents can quantify a cost-benefit analysis in terms of savings to communities and states that have implemented such programs.

Ohio Addiction Prevention Resources

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