Dangers of Denying a Mental Health Issue

Dangers of Denying a Mental Health IssueMental health issues can be frightening and difficult to understand for individuals. Certain feelings can arise causing a person to want to partake in abnormal behaviors and sometimes experience involuntary thoughts and actions. Families will often try to hide or deny a loved one’s mental health problems for fear of hurting him or exposing him to prejudices. However, denying a mental health issue can pose various dangers to the individual and to others. Consider the following dangerous scenarios that can arise from not addressing a mental health issue:

  • Someone suffering from moderate anxiety that does not get help can have a psychotic breakdown that may require psychiatric evaluation in a locked down mental hospital.
  • A person struggling with depression may attempt suicide when symptoms continue to go untreated.
  • Hallucinations can cause a person to get into potentially life threatening situations if the symptoms continue to go on without medication.
  • Untreated eating disorders can cause a person to get to potentially physically damaging weight levels.
  • People dealing with impulse control issues may engage in criminal activity or lose all their finances to something like gambling if it continues to go unaddressed.
  • Untreated personality disorders and other mental health disorder can lead to violent and potentially life threatening behavior towards others.
  • Friends and family members can be at great risk of being targeted by a loved one’s violent behavior due to an untreated mental health issue.

Mental health disorders can often cause individuals to want to harm themselves and others. Denying a severe disorder or moderate mental health issue can allow room for unnecessary dangers to arise in the lives of Ohio residents.

How Mental Health Issues Can Lead to Addiction for Ohio Residents

One of the most common dangers of denying mental health issues is the development of drug abuse and addiction. People suffering from mental health issues often turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate their problems. Addiction commonly co-occurs among individuals suffering from mental health problems. Denying mental health issues and allowing room for a drug or alcohol addiction to develop can cause the following complications for Ohio residents:

  • Drugs can often mask mental health problems leading individuals to be misdiagnosed and receive inadequate treatment.
  • Treating addiction or mental health issues alone can be difficult which makes treating both at the same time more difficult.
  • People suffering from mental health disorders can have more difficulty in withdrawing from narcotic substances and staying sober during recovery.
  • Drug or alcohol addiction can intensify and even initiate additional mental health problems

Seeking immediate help for mental health issues is critical to avoiding potentially dangerous situations. Individuals in Ohio suffering from co-occurring conditions of mental health problems and addiction will benefit most from Dual Diagnosis treatment.

Treatment for Ohio Residents with Mental Health Issues and Addiction

If you or a loved one in Ohio is suffering from mental health issues or addiction and needs help, please call our toll-free number. Our professional counselors are standing by 24 hours a day to help you overcome addiction and start on your road to recovery. Don’t be held back by mental health issues or addiction any longer. Call us today.