Addiction and Control Issues

Addiction and Control IssuesIn some instances, a lack of self-control in a person can be linked to an imbalance of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for impulses. A person with a lack of control often gives little thought to the consequences surrounding the action of substance abuse. Some Ohio residents with impulse control disorders may engage in substance abuse even when it can cause harm to themselves and others. A lack of self-control in the context of drug use can lead to the following problems:

  • Inability to prevent the initial use of drugs
  • Excessive drug use that may cause an overdose
  • Using multiple substances
  • Becoming dependent due to chronic and excessive use
  • Becoming addicted
  • Difficulty in successfully undergoing treatment and recovery
  • High risk of relapse after recovery

Certain substances such as alcohol can further impair an already imbalanced level of self-control and decision making which can cause a more severe and dangerous addiction. The lack of control experienced by addicts can cause difficulty in seeking treatment because they may feel that their addiction and continued drug use is an unconquerable task. Some individuals may also try to have too much control over various aspects of their lives, and then turn to drugs and alcohol when their attempts at total control fail. When overly controlling individuals become addicted, it can be difficult from them to get treatment because they feel that they are in control of their drug use. However, this control is an illusion.

Treatment for Ohio Residents with Addiction and Control Issues

Professional treatment at a licensed rehab facility can offer cognitive behavioral therapy that can help Ohio residents overcome addiction and control issues. Over time, behavioral therapy can cause physical changes in the brain and repair the imbalance of neurotransmitters that are causing control issues. Cognitive behavioral therapy is like brain conditioning and strengthening that allows new neurological connections to form inside the brain, making it easier to control impulses and prevent drug use. Professional treatment is essential to overcoming addiction and getting help to alleviate control issues.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Addiction and Control Issues?

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