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Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana AddictionMarijuana is a drug that many people experiment with and it’s known as a “gateway” drug because marijuana use can lead to abuse of harder drugs down the line. Use is so widespread due to a number of misconceptions about the drug.  If you’ve been using marijuana and believe you don’t have an addiction or that you don’t need treatment help, keep reading and we’ll debunk some of the common marijuana myths.

Marijuana Myth: Marijuana Is Not Addictive

There is some truth to this idea since it’s believed that marijuana is only psychologically addictive. It isn’t physically addictive which means that withdrawal symptoms do not appear when drug use is stopped. A psychological addiction is still a problem, however. It means that mentally, you continue to crave the effects that the drug produced so you use again. This loss of control is often indicative of addiction. Without treatment, it’s unlikely that you’ll manage to break this cycle.

Marijuana Myth: Marijuana Is Natural, So It Is Safe

Just because marijuana comes from a plant doesn’t mean that it is healthy to use. Marijuana contains THC, and it can cause respiratory problems and cognitive impairment for the short or long term, depending on specific use. The effects of marijuana may differ from alcohol but individuals may still make poor decisions and get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence. Reflexes change with marijuana use, which makes this a very dangerous choice. There are a number of ways that marijuana use can be considered unsafe.

Marijuana Myth: It Isn’t Illegal

While there have been talks of legalizing marijuana use in some states, possessing or distributing marijuana is an offense today, as is being in possession of marijuana paraphernalia. If you get caught, you could have drug possession on your record for the rest of your life.

Treating Marijuana Addiction

With a better understanding about the realities of marijuana use, you may feel ready to get treatment help. For marijuana addiction, either inpatient or outpatient treatment can be suitable and effective. Choose the option that you’re more comfortable with considering your specific circumstances.

If you have questions about any of the above information or want to discuss your treatment options, give us a call today. The call is free and completely confidential.

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