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Heroin Addiction

Heroin AddictionRecent surveys have shown that heroin usage has increased in Ohio, a fact which can be supported with the knowledge that more than 12,000 people sought treatment for heroin dependencies in two years. If you’re a heroin user, it’s important to understand what heroin is, how it can harm you and most importantly, how you can get help for your dependency.

Heroin Facts

Heroin is an extremely addictive form of opiate derived from morphine. Heroin is used primarily for the euphoric and relaxed feelings the drug provokes; however, some users may consider it to be a pain reliever as it depresses certain responses in the brain. Heroin is classified as a physically addictive drug, because when you cease use of the drug, you’ll experience varying degrees of withdrawal. This withdrawal makes it incredibly difficult to change your habits unless you have help. Only about three percent of all self-rehabilitation attempts actually succeed, so if you are concerned about heroin addiction and the negative effects it can have on you, consider getting help.

Effects and Risks of Heroin Addiction

Heroin use has a number of different effects on every system in your body. The drug depresses your nervous system, making you feel lethargic and mellow. It also causes your motor functions and reaction time to be impaired, however. One risk is that your system will become too impaired to function, and you will experience breathing difficulties and even an irregular heartbeat. This happens most often in cases of an overdose.

Heroin also comes with the added risk of contracting HIV, AIDs or even hepatitis if you administer it through injection. Injected heroin also increases the potency of the drug and magnifies its effects because it goes straight into your bloodstream. This also increases your risk of overdose and death.

One of the key things about heroin is the response you have when you go off the drug. Withdrawal can be painful and even dangerous as you can experience nausea, bouts of paranoia or anxiety, severe sweating and intense pain. This is why heroin addicts are typically directed to inpatient rehab.

Treating Heroin Addiction

Treating heroin addiction is not an easy process. It requires patience and time. The first step is typically detox, in order to remove the heroin from your system. The detox process is where you’ll experience withdrawal, but in a controlled environment, many of the negative effects can be mitigated. After detox is an intensive counseling and behavioral therapy program designed to teach you to change your habits mentally and not just physically.

There are many treatment programs out there; if you’d like help finding one for your heroin addiction, contact us today.

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