Why People Choose Drugs over Family

Why People Choose Drugs over FamilyPeople who are addicted to drugs choose drugs over family when the drug abuse has completely taken over their lives. News reports show drugs addicts losing custody of their children, children taking the lives of their parents and people in the workplace taking advantage of co-workers, investors and clients. Family members find it difficult and almost impossible to understand why a loved one would choose to continue the addiction instead of having a relationship with them. Understanding the power of the addiction, how the drugs take over and when it is time for an intervention are all ways families can cope with their loved ones choosing drugs over family.

Drug Addiction and Family Members

People who are addicted to drugs are no longer in control of their own thoughts and actions. Drugs change the way chemicals in the brain work, and the desire for the feelings of euphoria, escape, hallucinations and other drug side effects are so powerful, rational thinking disappears. The person addicted to drugs is no longer interested in anything but getting and using the drug.

This often includes putting family members at risk due to dangerous illegal activities. Other people in the drug culture become a type of family to the addict, and normal family relationships are no longer as important as keeping a supply of the drug at all times. Family members find it difficult to understand how their loved one can continue to choose the drug over them, so it’s important to understand the power the drug has over his or her decisions.

Once the body becomes dependent on the drug, the addict needs the drug to feel and function normally. He can no longer make good decisions because his body and brain crave the drug. These cravings are more powerful than anything, even a relationship with his family. Without time spent in detox and rehab, the person addicted to drugs cannot relearn what a normal life looks like.

Drug Addiction and Intervention

Once family members and close friends realize their loved one is choosing drugs over them, it is time to think about an intervention. An intervention is an opportunity to help the person addicted to drugs realize what he or she is doing to the people she loves. A trained interventionist can help family members plan an intervention, rehearse their roles in the process and find the right treatment program for their loved one.

Once the intervention takes place and the person addicted to drugs is safely in rehab, family members can then use counseling to understand more about the addiction and how they can help their loved one during the recovery process. Family members need this kind of help to deal with all the emotional ups and downs of having someone in their lives who struggles with addiction.

Help for Drug Addicts and Their Families

It is important for family members to understand addiction what they can do to help a loved one who is addicted to drugs. It is difficult to comprehend that a loved one would choose drugs over his or her family, but drug addiction takes over every aspect of a person’s life.

If you have a family member who is struggling with drug addiction, our helpline counselors are here for you. We can answer your questions about treatment options, intervention and what you and your family need to do during this difficult time. There is hope and help available. Call our toll-free number 24 hours a day.