Unemployment and Addiction

Unemployment and AddictionUnemployment and addiction often go hand in hand. You may lose your job in Ohio as a result of your addiction, or you may become addicted once you become unemployed. The relationship between unemployment and addiction can create a feeling of hopelessness, and, if you don’t do anything about it, things are only going to get worse. The only way to end the cycle of unemployment and addiction is to get help with your addiction. Even if you are unemployed and having money troubles, you can find a rehab center that will fit your needs. Payment plans are available to make rehab affordable for everyone, and once you end your addiction you will be able to get a job and start making money again.

Addiction Leads to Unemployment in Ohio

Suffering from an addiction keeps you from focusing on the important things in Ohio such as family, friends or your job. Losing focus on your job may result in subpar performance or heightened absences. Missing work too many times or failing to meet your job duties could cause you to lose your job, and it is hard to find work when you are suffering from an addiction. Most people that lose their job because of addiction aren’t able to find a new job, and their addiction gets worse while they continue to struggle with drug or alcohol abuse. If you have lost your job because of addiction, you can get help and get over your addiction so you can get back to work and get back to being your old self.

Unemployment Can Result in Addiction in Ohio Residents

The free time and depression may accompany unemployment can leave you searching for a way to cope with financial struggles or mask feelings of uselessness. Drugs and alcohol can seem like an easy solution at first, but before long substance abuse turns into an addiction that you can’t get out of on your own. The longer your addiction goes untreated the more difficult it becomes to get by without constant drug or alcohol abuse. Getting help with your addiction must take precedence over finding a new job, because if you don’t get treatment for your addiction you will lose any new job you find in Ohio, if you can find one at all.

Addiction Treatment for Employed and Unemployed Ohio Residents

If you are ready to kick your addiction, find a job and move forward with your life in Ohio, we can help you find the treatment you are looking for. Our toll-free helpline can give you the best information on addiction and treatment, and we can refer you to a treatment center that will help you heal from your addiction. If you are worried about the cost of rehab, we can let you know if your health insurance will cover your treatment or help you find programs with affordable payment plans. We are here 24 hours a day, so give us a call now and get started in rehab today.