The History of Addiction Recovery Services

The History of Addiction Recovery ServicesFor decades the medical community has debated whether addiction is a problem that Ohio residents can overcome on their own, or if it is a physical disease that requires medical treatment. For as long as drug use has been a problem, people have been trying to figure out how to overcome it. Unfortunately, throughout history there have been more failure than success. However, advancements in science have led to great strides in addiction treatment. Researchers have discovered the relationship between addiction and brain chemistry, and they understand more fully how addiction affects the mind and body.

How Addiction Treatment Has Developed

Past medical professional have vastly misunderstood addiction. Throughout history, society viewed addicts as morally flawed and were imprisoned or confined in insane asylums. Since no actual treatment was involved, these methods were rarely effective. However, in the mid 1800s Swedish physician Magnus Huss recognized alcoholism as a disease that required treatment. In the 1860s institutions known as inebriate asylums began to open around the U.S., treating not only alcoholism, but also other drug addictions. Ohio residents have many recovery services available now that the medical community agrees that addiction is a disease.

However, it was not until the 1930s that the government utilized scientists to study addiction. Then in 1939 the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, was published, leading to the spread of AA support groups, which remain a large force in addiction treatment today. Throughout 1950s and 1960s, society increasingly viewed alcoholism and drug addiction as treatable diseases. In the late 1960s health insurance companies began to cover addiction treatment, leading to growth in addiction rehab facilities. Finally, in 1967, the American Medical Association identified alcoholism as a complex disease, and in 1987 also recognized drug dependency as a disease. Research continues today as to how exactly addiction happens and what can be done to overcome it, but Ohio addicts have more hope than ever of overcoming addiction.

Modern Addiction Treatment for Ohio Residents

While many different treatment programs promise to cure addiction, rehab is generally the best way for Ohio addicts to manage their problem. Good rehab facilities treat the whole person, as addiction is rarely just a physical condition; commonly there are underlying psychological or emotional issues that need treatment for addicts to achieve lasting recovery. Many mental disorders can affect addiction, such as depression or bipolar disorder, and they must receive treatment alongside the addiction. While there are still some social stigmas attached to addiction, the recognition of it as a medical condition that needs treatment is changing the way medical science and society view it. As attitudes evolve, those stigmas are change and people are getting the help they need.

Ohio Addiction Help

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