Taking Communion as a Recovering Alcoholic

Taking Communion as a Recovering AlcoholicAs a recovering alcoholic, every area of life has been affected by addiction, even your faith and religious practices. Once a person has been through alcohol rehabilitation, it is important to refrain from any alcohol use to prevent relapse. If you are an Ohio resident in recovery and wish to take communion through your church, talk to your priest or pastor about how he views the elements of communion. This will help dictate what you do regarding this sacrament of the church. There are many options, and choosing the one that is best for you will help maintain your sobriety and prevent relapse.

Communion with Wine for Ohio Residents in Recovery

Many churches use a shared chalice to serve parishioners a sip of wine during communion. In many cases it is acceptable to both sip the wine or dip the wafer into the chalice and take communion in that way. If you are a recovering alcoholic and you have the opportunity to dip the wafer, this may be a good option for you. This certainly depends on how long you have been sober and whether your addiction counselor or sponsor feels this would be safe for you. Many churches believe in the transubstantiation of the elements, and that the wine actually becomes the blood of Christ. If this is your belief, it is important to speak to your local priest in Ohio about your fears of taking communion, and ask him if simply taking the communion wafer would be appropriate given your particular situation.

Communion with Grape Juice for Ohio Residents

Many churches use only grape juice in their celebration of communion. If you are in recovery, it might be best to choose an Ohio church that serves only grape juice so as not to increase your risk of relapse. There are also churches that offer both grape juice and wine and do not share a common cup. This makes it easier to choose grape juice over wine without other members of the congregation knowing. Finding a church that can offer you this choice is an alternative to missing out on this important part of your faith.

Counseling for Communion in Ohio

The most important thing to remember about taking communion in your local Ohio church is that it is an extension of your faith. If you are a recovering alcoholic, even your church life must be looked at through the lens of recovery. Talking to your priest or pastor about your struggles will give you a clearer sense of what options you have and what is appropriate in your particular situation. The most important thing is to remember how far you have come and celebrate that with your church family, even if it means passing on the wine for at least a little while.

Help for Ohio Residents Struggling With Alcoholism

If you or a loved one in Ohio struggles with alcoholism, you are not alone. Call our toll-free helpline, 24 hours a day to speak to one of our trained addiction counselors. We are here to answer your questions about addiction and help you find the treatment options available to you. Call today to start on the road to recovery from alcohol addiction.