Sobriety Help

Sobriety helpAddiction affects Ohio residents physically and psychologically. By the time a person realizes he or she needs help, the mind will be ready to fight recovery efforts at every turn. Asking for help with getting and staying clean can be difficult, but a drug-free life and long-term sobriety are worth any effort.

Finding Sobriety in Ohio by Conquering Physical Addiction

Physical addiction may be the most commonly known aspect of the disease of addiction, but it is far from the most powerful. Physical dependency is established when a substance replaces naturally occurring chemicals in the brain that are required for proper mental and emotional function. When the supply of the chemical is disrupted, the user will experience potentially severe withdrawal symptoms until his or her brain chemistry returns to normal. Getting clean from a drug or alcohol is the first step toward sobriety, but staying clean in Ohio is an entirely different task.

Finding Sobriety in Ohio by Conquering Psychological Addiction

Addiction takes root in the psychological recesses of the mind. The high brought on by drugs or alcohol directly affects the pleasure center of the brain, and this is the same area responsible for the following:

  • Reinforcing behaviors
  • Managing emotions
  • Controlling urges or impulses
  • Forming and recalling memories

Drugs or alcohol bring Ohio residents immediate relief from physical and emotional pain and distress. The urge to maintain this high is much more powerful than rational thought or will. A person who passionately desires to maintain sobriety will often relapse back into drug or alcohol abuse for this reason. Many assume long-term recovery is impossible and give up trying, but, while recovery is unlikely when attempted alone or at home, psychological healing is possible with the right help.

Finding Lasting Sobriety for Ohio Residents

Lasting recovery from addiction is the result of changes in thought patterns, behaviors and psychology. This change requires expert treatment in an environment that allows Ohio residents to focus all of their energy on healing. The most successful treatment programs perform a thorough assessment of each patient. This assessment will include physical examinations and interviews to identify any co-occurring disorders that may have contributed to the disease or that may undermine recovery. Medically supervised detox services allow doctors to relieve the worst withdrawal symptoms that occur when drugs or alcohol leave an individual’s system. Once detox is complete, recovery professionals will begin the process of treating the psychological symptoms of addiction through such services as the following:

  • Private counseling
  • Support group meetings
  • Development of coping mechanisms and relapse-prevention strategies
  • Education about the effects and nature of addiction

Addiction treatment often begins with at least one month of residential therapy followed by months or even years of regular support group meetings and counseling. The work is challenging, but the reward is great. Ohio residents who assumed they would never experience a healthy relationship, maintain a job or experience enjoyable drug-free activities can find lasting sobriety and a full recovery, if they apply themselves and get the right help.

Sobriety Help for Ohio Residents

If you are struggling to maintain sobriety, please call our toll-free helpline today. We are here 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have and to help you find the best treatment plan for your unique situation. Don’t waste one more day caught in the trap of addiction. You can break free, and we can help you do it. Call now.