Is My Addiction My Fault?

Is My Addiction My Fault?Ohio residents who are addicted to drugs often find themselves asking the question, “Is my drug addiction my fault?” At first the answer might seem an obvious “yes.” But when looking at the factors that contribute to drug abuse and addiction, it is easy to see that this is not a simple issue. Prescription drug dependence, peer pressure among friends and even a genetic predisposition to addiction all factor in as to why someone may be addicted to drugs.

Prescription Drug Use and Addiction in Ohio

More people than ever are addicted to prescription painkillers. The use of prescription painkillers usually starts as a result of surgery or as a treatment for chronic pain condition. Over time an Ohio resident using prescription painkillers becomes physically and emotionally dependent on the drugs. He or she begins to notice the pain returning before it is time for the next dose, and may decide he or she needs more of the medication to achieve the same results. Many times the person becoming addicted to the painkillers is emotionally unable to make the right choice where the drugs are concerned. Before long a full-blown addiction is present. In this case both the patient and the doctor share responsibility. However it is difficult for either person to know how the prescription painkillers will be tolerated prior to actually using them.

Drug Addiction and Peer Pressure in Ohio

A common cause of drug addiction is peer pressure. Teens and young adults often find themselves in situations where they are tempted to use drugs. Parental involvement in the life of the teen, drug resistance education and family history of addiction all play a role in whether a teen will give in to pressure. Because each person and situation is unique, it is difficult to determine who is at fault. Understanding your teen’s risk factors, helping him or her choose good friends and being an involved parent will go a long way in preventing drug use and addiction in your son or daughter. Ultimately a teen or young adult in Ohio is responsible for their own choices, but family members, adult mentors and friends also play a part in helping make those choices the right ones.

Drug Abuse in Ohio and Family History of Addiction

Trying to determine who is at fault when someone is addicted to drugs is difficult. Once an addiction is present, finding someone or something to blame does not always help the situation. Rather than placing blame in any one area, it is important to understand all the factors that lead to the addiction and then make changes. One important area to understand is any family history of addiction. Addictive behaviors run deep, and families with a history of addiction will be more likely to pass that genetic trait along to future generations. Understanding the addictions that have happened in the past can help provide the tools family members need to recognize addictive behaviors and stop addiction before it starts in Ohio. Using the right information to help family members make informed choices about using drugs and alcohol can make all the difference.

Help for Drug Abuse and Addiction

Drug abuse is not caused by a single factor, and trying to take all the blame for the situation is never productive. Understanding the drug use and the steps leading up to the addiction can help you or your loved one make the decision to get help today. We are here to provide you with answers. Call our toll-free number now; we’re here 24 hours a day to help.