How to Write an Intervention Letter

How to Write an Intervention LetterWriting an intervention letter is an important part of the process of planning a drug or alcohol intervention. Interventions are an effective method for Ohio families to encourage an addicted loved one to seek treatment. Interventions are usually organized by a trained interventionist who helps a team of loved ones and friends schedule, prepare, rehearse and carry out an intervention. A trained interventionist also helps you find the right treatment for your loved one and make the necessary arrangements to get him or her admitted. By having everyone on the intervention team write a letter, the process goes smoothly, stays focused and helps your loved one understand how the addiction is impacting her family.

Ohio Families Should Expresses Love and Concern in Addiction Intervention Letters

Ohio family members should begin their intervention letters with a simple statement of love and concern for the addict. This first section helps diffuse some of the suspicion and anger that is bound to be present at the beginning of the process. By helping your loved one see that you are here because of your deep concern for her and your commitment to getting her the treatment she needs, the intervention can get off to a powerful start.

Express Gratitude to the Addict

In the next section, Ohio family members should recall a time when the addict has been helpful to them or made them proud, and thank her for it. The person addicted to drugs or alcohol will not expect you to have any moments of pride or gratitude towards her, so showing gratitude will help her let her guard down in a tense situation.

Make a Statement About Addiction

The third section or your letter should acknowledge your new understanding about addiction and your desire for her to get help in a treatment facility. This section helps keep the addiction and need for treatment in the medical arena and out of any social or moral inappropriateness.

State the Facts about the Impact of Addiction on Your Ohio Family

The fourth section should deal with statements of fact about the negative impact the addiction has had on you personally. It is very important in this section to speak only of those events that you have been involved in personally. Sticking to the facts that involve you directly rather than repeating what the addiction has done to others keeps your statements credible and easier to understand.

Reiterate your Love and Concern for the Addict

In the last section of the letter, Ohio family members should repeat their statements of love and concern for the addict and ask her to accept help from others. By ending on a positive note, you leave your addicted loved one with hope and increase the chances she will take the next step.

When each person on the intervention team uses this format and keeps the letters clear and concise, the intervention is more likely to produce the desired result: getting your loved one the help she needs.

Finding Help for Addiction

Planning an intervention can be the best way to help get your addicted loved one into a treatment program. Using a letter as part of the process will let you express your feelings and concerns in productive ways. If you or a loved one in Ohio suffers from addiction, we are here to help you. Call our toll-free number 24 hours a day to speak to a helpline counselor. We are here to answer your questions about addiction and help you find a treatment program that is right for you.