How Quickly Can I Get Admitted to Rehab?

How Quickly Can I Get Admitted to Rehab?Time is one of the most valuable resources that Ohio addicts have and, if used wisely, can mean the difference between sobriety and overdose. The quicker addicts receive treatment, the better. A good quality rehab center will be able to admit a person within 48 hours.

Why Rush to Be Admitted to Addiction Rehabilitation?

It doesn’t matter if an intervention, phone call or a visit to a rehab facility pushes an addict into recovery. What does matter is that the recovery process starts quickly. Time wasted means time that an Ohio addict can doubt her decision to enter rehab, which can force her back into drug or alcohol abuse. Reconsidering and then revoking a commitment to rehab has its consequences. An addiction left untreated will worsen, increasing the likelihood of an overdose. With a speedy admittance into rehab, an Ohio resident’s chances of overdose can diminish greatly.

How Ohio Residents Can Get into Addiction Rehabilitation Programs

If a rehab center is contacted via phone, the process will begin with an admissions counselor checking insurance benefits and making travel arrangements. A date and time will be set for the patient to enter rehab. In the event of an intervention, the friends and family involved should have contacted and made the proper arrangements with the admissions counselor beforehand. Once at the facility, a short Q & A session with an admissions counselor and a check up with a physician will help the rehab center evaluate every Ohio patient’s psychological and physical health. The rules and visitation times will be explained and then you’ll work with rehab counselor to make a personalized treatment program.

What Happens in Drug Rehabilitation for Ohio Residents

A quality rehab center will be able to admit you within 48 hours. After you’ve completed the paper work and checked in, the first order of business will be medically supervised detox. Depending on the addiction’s severity and the different types of drugs involved, detox will vary from person to person.

Also varying from person to person are the treatment programs. A good rehab center will offer a variety of treatment options to individualize your recovery. The entire addiction will need to be treated which means finding rehabs that address the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of substance abuse. This is called integrated treatment and Ohio residents can recover with this method.

Many people who enter rehab need special attention for mental health disorders, such as depression, which should be noted during the evaluation process when you’re first admitted. The simultaneous treatment for addiction and a mental health issue is known as Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

Time spent in rehab can seem radically different from time spent at home. If Ohio residents feel like they are rushing through rehab or consider dropping out half way through, then remember this: time spent at home being controlled by an addiction, may be worse than being sober in rehab.

Addiction Rehab Help for Ohio Residents

This is not the time to let an addiction go untreated, to let a problem grow. Now’s the time for Ohio residents to call our toll-free helpline and find out just how many ways rehab can help. Our helpline is open 24 hours a day. When you call, be sure to ask about how your insurance may cover the costs of rehab. Call now.