How Addictive is Nicotine?

How Addictive is Nicotine?Many Ohio residents wonder why nicotine is not as tightly regulated as other substances are, specifically because this chemical has proven to cause serious life-threatening conditions. While this is a hot topic for debate, one thing is for sure – nicotine is addictive, especially because use produces feelings of pleasure. Like other drugs, nicotine taps into the dopamine levels in the brain, and as more nicotine is abused, the more dopamine is released. This causes individuals to keep coming back for more, which is why it creates addictive tendencies. Seek help if you want to quit using cigarettes and/or other nicotine products.

The Dangers of Nicotine Abuse

While nicotine does not create nearly as many dangers as other drugs do, it is still a dangerous drug. Not only can a Ohio resident’s psychological health be impacted through the use of nicotine, but their physical health can be placed in jeopardy, too. Some of the many dangers associated with nicotine addiction can include the following problems:

  • Digestion problems – Constantly using nicotine can cause individuals to experience acid reflux, stomachaches, indigestion, diarrhea, hiccups and gas
  • Psychological issues – Since nicotine and dopamine work hand-in-hand, psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety, can develop, especially if an individual begins experiencing nicotine withdrawals
  • Cardiovascular problems – Since nicotine acts as a stimulant and impacts the heart, cardiovascular problems are common. These include increased heart rates, palpitations, high blood pressure and tachycardia.
  • Cancer – Probably the most notable side effect of nicotine is the possible development of cancer. Those who consume nicotine products can suffer from lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, and additional forms of cancer that develop as an offshoot from a pre-existing bout with the issue.

Becoming addicted to nicotine can cause a variety of dangers, ranging from heartburn to cancer, but Ohio residents can recover if they have the right help.

Treatment for Nicotine Addiction

Many people will first attempt to use over-the-counter products to treat a nicotine addiction, such as a patch, gum or a pill. However, therapy can also be incredibly helpful, as the idea behind treating nicotine addiction is the one that underlies drug abuse treatment. Therefore, Ohio residents looking to end their nicotine addiction can benefit from things such as support groups or 12-step meetings.

Help Quitting Smoking for Ohio Residents

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