How Addiction Treatment Improves Psychological Health

How Addiction Treatment Improves Psychological HealthWhen Ohio residents think about addiction, they may think about a substance addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addiction engenders a strong physical component that includes side effects from drug use as well as physical withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuing use. However, there is another component to addiction that requires treatment, and that is the psychological component. When it comes to sex addiction, gambling and shopping addiction, there is a limited physical addiction, but a substantial psychological addiction. Either way, whatever addiction an Ohio resident has, he will need professional treatment to have the best chance at long-term sobriety.

Symptoms of Psychological Addiction

The psychological aspect of addiction often has the following symptoms:

  • Compulsions to engage in addictive behavior despite negative consequences
  • Failed attempts to stop addictive behavior
  • Lying, stealing and spending excessive amounts of time and money to support addiction
  • Hiding addictive behavior
  • Mood, weight or sleep pattern changes
  • Using addiction to forget problems
  • Social withdrawal or loss of interest in activities
  • Anxiety, anger, irritability and depression

While the symptoms of addiction are both physical psychological, some symptoms are unique to just the psychological component.

Complications of Psychological Addiction

The psychological component of addiction often spawns and drives the physical condition. When anOhiodrug addict believes she must use drugs to enjoy life, she often does so at the expense of important things in life such as family relationships, maintaining productive employment, meeting social and personal obligations and even hygiene.

WhenOhioresidents experience psychological addiction, this inner force can drive them to seek relief from anxiety or depression they experience. Regrettably, they may turn to drugs or alcohol to provide a temporary respite from psychological addiction. In this situation, addicts experience both a mental health concern and a physical addiction. This co-occurring condition cannot be resolved without professional assistance.

Treatment to Improve Psychological Health

Psychological addiction is often an integral part of substance addiction and must be treated with counseling. If an Ohio resident experiences just the psychological addiction associated with sex or gambling addiction, an inpatient treatment facility enables him to get help in a structured and focused environment. If a person’s psychological addiction has led to a substance addiction as well, then an integrated treatment program can deal with both aspects simultaneously.

An inpatient treatment facility has all of the servicesOhioresidents need to achieve the following goals:

  • Knowledge about psychological addiction
  • Awareness of the factors that contribute to psychological addiction
  • Strategies to resolve or cope with triggers associated with addiction

In addition, an inpatient treatment facility can help people develop healthy lifestyles through teaching about nutrition, fitness and stress management. This enables people to live productive lives.

Ohio Addiction Help

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