Harms of Joking about Addiction

Harms of Joking about AddictionMany Ohio residents know that joking around can sometimes cause harm. Even if the intention behind joking is meant to be funny, some jokes can go a little too far. This proves especially true when people joke about addiction: many people make light of its many aspects as a way to talk about or handle such a dark and difficult topic. While this act may relieve some tension, it can not only be harmful, but it may also lead to many other problems.

Harms of Joking about Addiction

There is always a line when it comes to jokes, and many Ohioans can steer clear of that line. However, with a sensitive subject like addiction, it can be difficult for some people to avoid the following issues:

  • Acceptance – Joking about addiction can make others think it is not a serious problem, especially younger adults and adolescents who listen to older friends or family members diminish the disease. This type of joking can lead people to experiment with drugs, as those they look up to people who appear to take it lightly.
  • Stigmas – Drug addicts or those who love an addict must battle societal stigmas that are partly created by joking. Some jokes about addicts are hurtful, as they depict users as a lower class with no money, home, family or self-respect. Continually joking like this can keep the stigma going, essentially masking the reality of the situation.
  • Intimidation – Ohio families or friends who belittle addiction with jokes may make it more difficult for addicts either to admit that they have a problem or to ask for help. These addicts may fear appearing weak, or they may worry about ridicule from their loved ones. The intimidation that the joking creates enables people to continue using, as no one else is taking their use seriously.
  • Offending behavior – In public places, joking about addiction can severely backfire, as it is possible that someone nearby could have lost a loved one to addiction. This not only recalls a damaging experience, but it can also become so offensive that it leads to confrontation or violence.

While it might seem harmless, joking about addiction in these ways can cause many problems. Ohio drug addicts may have problems admitting their addictions, especially because they feel intimidated. This may fuel stigmas and offensive behavior, which minimize the chances of recovering from this harmful disease.

Help Overcoming Jokes about Addiction

It is important that, no matter what is going on in the outside world, Ohio drug addicts must find someone to talk to about their problems. Addicts must discuss their feelings if they are offended by these jokes, if they fear discussing their addictions or if they feel enabled to continue using. Jokes can only go so far if you let them, so take a step today toward sobriety and end joking about this problem.

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