Effects of Alcoholism

Effects of AlcoholismToo many Ohio residents excuse their drinking problems. Alcoholism is considered a chronic mental disease that becomes a controlling force and infiltrates every area of an addict’s life. Alcoholism affects Ohio drinkers physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, legally. It drastically influences social interactions.

Physical Effects of Alcoholism

Internal damage to the liver, heart, pancreas, intestines and stomach can have serious long-term implications. Heavy drinking can also disrupt sleep patterns, cause malnutrition (weight gain or loss), and weaken the immune system. Tremors and other central nervous system disorders such as brain atrophy are dangerous if left untreated. Excessive drinking also increases your chances for developing cancer and diabetes.

With such debilitating internal physical effects, it’s no wonder alcoholism takes its toll on outward appearances as well. A lack of hygiene and neglecting personal appearance is the visible result of an addiction taking precedence over a Ohio drinker’s health.

Financial and Legal Effects of Alcoholism

A ripple effect is created as soon as physical tolerance and psychological dependence sink in. Alcoholics will not only risk their physical health with excessive drinking, but will risk financial and legal trouble as well. Bankruptcy, unemployment or incarceration may be the wake-up call an Ohio alcoholic needs to become a willing participant in rehab.

Emotional and Mental Effects of Alcoholism

Addiction literally changes the way you think, react, and behave. This is because chemicals in alcohol change your brain function. Irritability, anxiety, depression, isolation, apathy and wild mood swings ranging from angry bursts to tear-jerking sobs, all stem from the way your brain works when addicted. If left to progress, alcoholism can even cause devastating mental health disorders such as chronic depression, bipolar disorder, paranoia and, in extreme cases, psychosis.

Worst of all, these changes in your mood and behavior can affect those around you as well. Neglecting responsibilities such as work, school, family and friends hurt your loved ones. Rehab can help Ohio alcoholics change the way they see the world, helping them become reliable workers, diligent students, loving parents and dependable friends.

Social Effects of Alcoholism

If your life revolves around alcohol, you’re probably pushing your loved ones away. Being defensive and isolating yourself from those who want to help you only worsens the situation. Repeatedly neglecting responsibilities and forgetting promises corrodes the relationship between the alcoholic and their loved ones. Rehab is the perfect way to treat your addiction and begin repairing those broken relationships.

Integrated Treatment for Ohio Residents

If you or someone you know in Ohio is suffering from alcoholism, integrated treatments are the key to getting and staying sober. Alcohol affects every area of a person’s life, so it stands to reason that all those areas need proper attention for a full recovery. Integrated treatments address the physical, mental, emotional, and social damage from addiction. Integrated treatments treat the “whole” person.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Help for Ohio Residents

Feel free to call our toll-free helpline any time: we’re open 24 hours a day. Call us and learn more about integrated treatments and how we can help you. Our call center counselors can’t wait to let you know about your treatment options. When you call, ask about how your insurance may help cover the costs of rehab.