Does My Addiction Define Me?

Does My Addiction Define Me?It is a misconception that addiction recovery suppresses or destroys a recovering individual’s personality. Addiction changes who a person is, as those who abuse one or more drugs often compromise their character for sake of their addiction. Drug cravings can lead to theft, relational dangers, and diminished professional ability. Withdrawal symptoms may cause addicts to act irritably and to reprioritize their lives in Ohio. They may begin to avoid people and places which require honesty and to seek codependent settings. This means that many of an addict’s relationships may be those which are founded upon drug use, and the addiction can become synonymous with those friendships. However a person is more than his or her addiction, and recovery can help Ohio residents see that addiction does not have to define who they are.

Fears Regarding Sobriety after Addiction

One of the contributing factors to the continuance of addiction can be an addict’s fears regarding a sober life in Ohio. As mentioned above addicts find comfort and routine in relationships and settings which are friendly towards their drug use. There may be fear that these ties will be cut or that an addict’s friends may not like the sober version of the addict. Another source of anxiety could be that an addict may prefer their feelings and behaviors while using the drug to their feelings and behaviors while sober. Contemplating an entire life of sobriety can seem daunting or boring. Addicts may worry that just as their life is currently consumed by drugs, it will continue to be when sober but without the artificial highs of abuse.

Ohio Residents Can Overcome Fear through Professional Addiction Rehabilitation

Inpatient addiction recovery provides the tools, resources and information necessary to face fears about a sober life in Ohio. The rehab process can promote self-discovery and a renewed sense of purpose. Primary care counselors work with their patients to address the prominent and underlying issues of their addiction. Rehab can equip patients with an awareness of the stressors and triggers which can be dangerous to sobriety and connect them with aftercare programs that will help individuals rediscover their sober lives and sober selves.

Ohio Residents Do Not Have to Be Defined By Addiction

If you or someone that you are close with is in an addictive or abusive relationship with one or more drugs, please call our 24 hour toll-free helpline. Through professional care you can learn that you are not defined by the substances that you use, and that life after addiction is better than life while using.