Do I Need Alcohol Rehab?

Do I Need Alcohol Rehab?Alcoholics are often the last to realize they need help. Addiction is both a physical and psychological disease: between the fear of detox and the complicated emotions involved, it can be nearly impossible for addicts to comprehend the true nature of their situations. Asking questions about rehab is an excellent step for any Ohio drinker.

How Can Ohio Residents Tell If They Are an Alcoholic?

There is a fine line between someone who drinks too much and someone who is addicted to alcohol, but there are ways to determine the level of your problem. The following are a few questions any Ohio resident can answer that may help determine if a need for rehab is present:

  • Do you regularly drink more than one drink per day (women) or two drinks per day (men)?
  • Do you struggle to stop drinking once you have started?
  • Do you regularly drink until you feel buzzed or drunk?
  • Have you ever been dishonest about your drinking?
  • Do you get defensive if someone confronts you about your drinking?
  • Have you set aside important relationships or activities in lieu of drinking?
  • Are most of your recent acquaintances with fellow drinkers or substance abusers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you should consider the possibility that you abuse alcohol.

How Psychological Addiction Works

Though physical withdrawal symptoms can be intense, the bigger challenge to sobriety is psychological addiction. The euphoric high experienced while drunk impacts the part of the brain that manages emotions, controls impulses, reinforces behavior and even manages memories. The brain will use any trick conceivable to keep Ohio alcoholics from getting sober. The only way to achieve lasting sobriety is to repair the damage in the brain through rehab.

What Does Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Involve?

The most successful alcohol addiction treatment programs for Ohio Residents will confront all aspects of the disease including any co-occurring psychological disorders and the physical and psychological aspects of basic addiction. After a careful diagnosis of any co-occurring conditions, a customized addiction treatment plant is developed from the following options:

  • Learning healthy new activities
  • Individual counseling
  • Support group meetings
  • Experimental treatments like yoga, acupuncture, medication and relaxation techniques
  • 12-step programs
  • Medically supervised detox (allows for the reduction of symptoms of withdrawal)

Alcohol Rehabilitation Help for Ohio Residents

If you live in Ohio and are concerned about your alcohol use please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today. Our specially trained addiction specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have and to help you find the help you need. Life is too short to waste on addiction. Call today and let us help you find the first few steps toward freedom from alcohol.