Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug Use

Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug UseThe desire to fit in and be accepted by your peers is a powerful human motivation. The need for acceptance affects all humans but is especially powerful during adolescence, when friends exert a bigger influence than at any other time of life in Ohio. Teenagers in public schools naturally segregate themselves into cliques and do what others in their social group are doing which often means using recreational drugs.

The Influence of Peer Pressure on Ohio Residents

Peer pressure is a real factor in Ohio drug abuse. Peer pressure is usually much more subtle than the stereotypical images of a “pusher” trying to convince little kids on the playground to use drugs. Peer pressure is usually unspoken and originates not with others trying to convince someone to join in but with an individual who wants to fit in. The use of club drugs like ecstasy at raves has been popular, and teens and young adults may hear friends talking about the great time they had at a rave and want to be part of the group and participate in the fun.

The Need for Acceptance Can Complicate Recovery

The need for acceptance and belonging can complicate recovery from addiction. Often the most challenging phase of recovery is not rehab but reentering society after rehab. Old friends who still use drugs will still be around to provide temptation and opportunities to start using again.

Drug addiction counseling is effective in helping people gain the confidence to stand apart from the crowd and do what is best for them regardless of what others are doing. The self-awareness gained from therapy combined with the knowledge of the harm inflicted by drug abuse can be invaluable when recovering addicts are faced with the temptation to relapse. If they feel their resolve weakening, support groups and sponsors will be there to help recovering addicts maintain their sobriety. This too is peer pressure but of a much healthier variety.

Finding Acceptance outside of Drug Use

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