Causes of Alcohol Addiction

Causes of Alcohol AddictionAlcohol is everywhere in Ohio. It is found at restaurants, bars and clubs, sporting events, personal homes and parties. Media presents alcohol as the drink of the popular, attractive and successful members of society. Because alcohol shows up everywhere in our daily lives and because media portrays drinking alcohol as a good thing, many people view drinking as a casual or pleasurable activity. The availability and popularity of alcohol contribute to drinking problems, but they aren’t the only reasons behind why people consume too much alcohol and develop addictions. Ohio residents become addicted to alcohol because of a combination of personal, psychological and social problems.

Family Problems Can Cause Alcohol Addiction in Ohio

Family dynamics play a significant role in a person’s decision to start drinking heavily. A person who grows up with an alcoholic relative has a greater chance of becoming an alcoholic as well. Families with poor communication or discipline techniques can create problems with a child’s self-esteem, social interaction skills and performance in school. These can lead to experimentation with alcohol or other drugs. Drinking alcohol in childhood increases an Ohio resident’s likelihood of becoming an alcoholic.

Psychological Problems Can Cause Alcohol Addiction in Ohio

People may turn to alcohol when they feel they can’t deal with problems in their lives in Ohio. Many people use alcohol to self-medicate or escape from difficulties. Other individuals may suffer from mental health issues and try to use alcohol to temporarily alleviate symptoms. Depression and anxiety are common psychological problems that people try to control with alcohol, even if they are unaware any such underlying problem exists.

Social Problems Can Cause Alcohol Addiction in Ohio

Social interactions can be difficult for Ohio residents, and some people who feel shy, uncomfortable or awkward turn to alcohol as a way to get rid of social discomfort. Alcohol temporarily removes social inhibitions, helping drinkers to feel more relaxed and confident.

Social events and groups can also pressure individuals to drink. Peer pressure is a big contributor to many people’s decision to start drinking as is viewing drinking as a requirement at a social or professional event. When people believe that everyone else is drinking alcohol and that drinking is cool, they are more likely to follow the crowd and drink to fit in with their friends.

Solutions to Alcohol Addiction for Ohio Residents

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that develops out of multiple and complex causes. Controlling an alcohol addiction often requires addressing these problems, and it is difficult to do so alone. We are here 24 hours a day to provide information and to support you in the recovery process. Please call our toll-free helpline today and take control of your life in Ohio.