Can I Detox at Home?

Can I Detox at Home?Attempting detox at home may look like the best option to overcome withdrawals. It’d be nice to rely on your own willpower and quit cold turkey but, for most, this isn’t a realistic situation for any Ohio addict.

Dealing with Withdrawal Symptoms

First of all, the withdrawal symptoms can be, at best, incredibly uncomfortable; at worst they can be fatal. Depending on what substances an Ohio addict has abused and for how long, withdrawal symptoms may take many forms. Because withdrawals may be unpredictable, trying to detox at home is equally volatile. You may find yourself unable to follow through with detox on your own because the symptoms are too uncomfortable or painful. But, rehab facilities offer different detox methods to help you get clean.

Gradual detox slowly tapers your dosage to lessen the severity of sudden withdrawals. The substitution method replaces drugs or alcohol with synthetic medications. The doses of the substituted medications can then be tapered off with gradual detox. Having medical professionals to supervise your detox will also ensure that there are no other complications from preexisting conditions or illnesses/injuries developed during the addiction. Doctors and nurses who see people suffering from addiction on a regular basis will have the experience to treat the long-term symptoms of drug abuse. Ohio residents can get clean with professional help.

Mental Health and Detoxification for Ohio Residents

Failing to detox at home can cause stress or depression, which can worsen an addiction. Addiction consists of both a physical and a psychological dependence that are very closely linked. Your mental state can affect your physical addiction to a substance, and vice versa. When mental health disorders and an addiction occur simultaneously, this is called Dual Diagnosis. If you or another Ohio resident suffers from chronic depression, anxiety disorders or another mental illness, you need Dual Diagnosis Treatment to get completely well. By treating both the addiction and the mental health effects of substance abuse, rehab can help you not only get through the withdrawal symptoms but give you a foundation on which to build lasting sobriety.

Aside from the benefits of professional detox, you may want to consider how your environment affects your ability to make lasting changes. Too often, an Ohio addict’s environment is extremely enabling, meaning that the people, places and events filling the addict’s life support and encourage substance abuse. An enabling environment is no place to attempt detox. You need to get away from the things that remind you about your addiction. You need help and support not only to overcome withdrawal symptoms, but also to stop the actual causes of addiction.

Drug Detoxification Help for Ohio Residents

Any Ohio resident can overcome physical dependence, the withdrawal symptoms and psychological addiction with the help of a professional rehab center. When you call our toll-free helpline, we can talk with you about treatment options and discuss how your insurance benefits may cover your rehab costs. Feel free to call 24 hours a day, whenever you need help. Call now.