Avoid Setting Yourself up for Recovery Failure

Avoid Setting Yourself up for Recovery FailureIt is far easier to continue on the path of addiction than to seek real help and recovery. Drug or alcohol users in Ohio may set themselves up for recovery failure before they even begin treatment by making statements such as the following:

  • “I’ll start for real next month”
  • “Once more can’t hurt”
  • “I use when I’m stressed”

Have you found yourself making such statements or relying on other excuses for avoiding treatment and ending drug use? This mindset will only lead to failure and continued drug or alcohol use. You should stay positive, make goals and reach out for professional help and support.

Social Behaviors That Lead to Failed Recovery Attempts

Recovering users or individuals who are considering recovery may subconsciously tempt themselves through unhealthy and unwise social behaviors such as spending time with people who are still abusing drugs. This leads to peer pressure, the attitude that it is okay to use and easy access to drugs. You cannot recover from addiction while living in an environment in Ohio that supports or even encourages continued drug use.

Self Esteem and Ohio Residents’ Addiction Recovery

If you convince yourself that you cannot overcome addiction, you will not be able to defeat this disease. You will have given up, before you have begun. While some addicts do relapse after addiction treatment, even relapse is not the end of recovery. Fear of relapse should not cause you to lose hope for a lasting drug-free life in Ohio. If you do relapse, you can find the support you need to get back on track. While a lack of confidence or hope creates a self-defeating attitude, feeling overconfident can be equally dangerous. If you think that you can quit whenever you like or, if you are in recovery, that you can be around drugs and drug users without giving in to temptation, you put yourself at risk and set yourself up for recovery failure. Addiction is not a mindset. Drugs alter chemical pathways in your brain making recovery more complex than simply not using. Professional recovery experts will provide the therapy, counseling and aftercare that are essential to a successful addiction recovery.

Preparing for a Successful and Drug-Free Future in Ohio

Stay positive when approaching addiction treatment and long-term recovery. You can do this, but you will need help. Everyone does. There are a variety of inpatient treatment programs available to Ohio residents, and you can find one that is specifically tailored to suit your individual needs. Quality treatment programs will not abandon you after immediate treatment either. They will provide aftercare, stay in touch with you and may even help you find a job. The recovery process is created to help you most easily transition between inpatient programs and the real world.

Find Addiction Recovery Success

Every second that you continue to live in addiction is a second that you are not living life to its fullest. You can live a successful and drug-free life in Ohio, but you have to get started today. Call us today at our toll-free helpline, and let us find the recovery resources that are right for you.