Athletes and Painkiller Addiction

Athletes and Painkiller AddictionMany of the most commonly prescribed painkillers are highly addictive. Millions of athletes, from the big leagues to high school students, have become dependent on opiates such as Percodan, hydrocodone and OxyContin due to an injury they suffered on the field or in practice. Shame and fear of consequences often cause these athletes to hide their addiction, as they try to overcome it on their own.

How Painkiller Addiction Ensnares Athletes in Atlanta

Most prescription painkillers are synthetic derivatives of opium. They reduce physical pain signals, but they also block negative feelings and emotional distress and give the user a euphoric high. Although it is possible for any athlete to become addicted to painkillers, the following factors may increase an Atlanta resident’s risk:

  • A family history of substance abuse and addiction
  • Co-occurring psychological issues such as depression, compulsive behavior or anxiety
  • Self-esteem deficiency
  • Ongoing chronic pain

Painkiller addiction is especially difficult to overcome due to its psychological and physical power. The body stops producing its own naturally occurring supply of pain regulating chemicals while these drugs are present. This means that if and when the user stops taking them, he or she will experience potentially severe symptoms of physical withdrawal such as the following:

  • Severe pain throughout the body
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Skin crawls
  • Seizures

The brain also develops a powerful psychological addiction which can be even more difficult to overcome than the physical disease. Psychological cravings can plague an addict for months or even years after physical need for the drug has ended.

Overcoming Painkiller Addiction Safely

Quitting prescription painkillers cold turkey can be dangerous and usually leads to relapse. The safest and most effective way to overcome opiate addiction is with the guidance and care of specialized recovery programs. In addition to carefully identifying any and all co-occurring psychological issues these programs develop unique treatment plans for each incoming patient. Recovery programs are often challenging, but they are effective. Full recovery is possible for any Atlanta resident who receives the right professional help.

Finding Confidential Painkiller Addiction Help Today

If you have become dependent on prescription painkillers, please call our toll-free helpline right away. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day and are ready to answer your questions and connect you with the most effective painkiller addiction treatment program for your specific needs. Don’t throw your self-respect, your career or even your life away on this terrible disease. Call today, and let us help you find freedom from prescription dependency.