Am I Experiencing Drug Cravings?

Am I Experiencing Drug Cravings?Many Ohio residents might say they crave something, meaning they have an uncontrollable interest in getting the item they crave. For example, a person might want to satisfy their sweet tooth and say, “I am craving chocolate.” Once they eat the chocolate, their need for the item is reduced and they can resume their normal routine without interruption.

Destructive Cravings for Ohio Addicts

Not all cravings are as harmless as a piece of chocolate. In fact, cravings can trigger people to behave in a risky manner that can interfere with their lives in Ohio.
Cravings can be physical, psychological or a combination of the two. When a person is taking a drug, the first reaction is physical. This physical reaction may be pleasant because the drug is providing the necessary relief, such as pain relief, a lessening of anxiety or lightening up from depression. In addition to relieving some symptoms, the drug may provide other side effects such as a sense of relaxation or euphoria. With continued use, the body becomes accustomed to having the drug in its system and the brain begins to seek the chemicals that the drug provides.

It is when the brain seeks the chemical that psychological cravings begin. Drugs activate the brain’s reward system, causing the brain to strive to maintain this elevated state. When the brain is more focused on acquiring the drug, it diminishes the person’s ability to think clearly. This combination of wanting the rewards and the inability to think things through provides the setting for a psychological craving to take hold.
In addition to the physical and psychological impact of cravings there are emotional and mental feelings associated with cravings. Some people may become emotional tense, mentally distracted and have feelings of fear or apprehension.

The Role of Cravings in Addicted Ohio Residents

Cravings, whether they are physical, psychological, emotional or mental cause an Ohio resident to take a course of action: they must do something about the craving. Unfortunately, when it comes to drugs or alcohol, the craving causes the person to seek out and consume more of the substance. Taking a prescribed medication more often than recommended, taking a larger dose of the medication and taking the medication even when you no longer experience the issue that the medication was prescribed for are all behaviors that result from a craving. These are behaviors that can be precursors to addiction.

The Role of Cravings in a Potential Relapse

If you have been addicted to a substance and have received addiction treatment, you are in a state of recovery where you are vulnerable to cravings. A single craving may or may not lead to a relapse, but being unprepared to deal with cravings in Ohio puts you at greater risk for a relapse. If a craving starts with the physical symptoms, such as a racing heart or rapid breathing, you need to be able to acknowledge that it is a craving and have a plan in place to cope with or work around the craving.

During rehab, you will learn about triggers and acquire the skills necessary to help deal with cravings: how to decrease the intensity and frequency of cravings and how to seek help if you are feeling powerless. These valuable tools need to be part of the plan that you have in place to deal with cravings.

Get Help for Your Cravings in Ohio

There are different times that cravings may start taking control of you. One way you can fight back is to call us at the toll-free number provided. We are available 24 hours a day and can provide you with the information you need to make good decisions about how to deal with your cravings in Ohio. We are here to help, so call today.