Alcohol Intervention

An intervention is a method of notifying an individual that his or her drinking has become a problem and that it is a serious hazard to his or her health. The purpose of an intervention is to convince the user to enroll in a rehab program. Interventions are necessary when alcohol users’ actions threaten their own lives or the lives of the people around them in Ohio.

What Happens in an Alcohol Intervention?

Typically the alcohol user’s closest friends and family carefully plan and lead the intervention. They gather together in Ohio and attempt to convince the user that his or her actions are detrimental to the individual and those around him or her. This can be done by discussing the following with the user:

  • How the user’s actions are negatively affecting others
  • How the user has changed since beginning to abuse alcohol
  • The health risks of alcohol abuse
  • The consequences of further alcohol abuse to the user and his or her family

Bear in mind that it is important for the user to be sober and for the members of the intervention to remain calm and controlled. Though honesty is essential, it is important that the user not feel attacked or ambushed. Even when faced with the most persuasive arguments the user may be in denial about the level of his or her addiction.

Factors Involved in Alcohol Addiction in Ohio

Often individuals dealing with an addiction or dependence to alcohol are labeled as alcoholics. However what many people do not know is that alcoholism is a complex addiction and that there are different types and stages of alcoholism. There is no “typical” alcoholic. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has revealed that there are different categories of alcoholics including the following:

  • Young adult alcoholic
  • Young antisocial alcoholic
  • Functioning alcoholic
  • Chronic severe alcoholic

There are different stages of alcoholism that an individual can go through in Ohio. It is important to research the different aspects of alcoholism before holding the intervention, as not all standard intervention tactics will lead to the desired outcome for every person.

Alcohol Intervention Specialists for Ohio Residents

Because no two alcoholics are the same, it is important that you tailor the intervention to the specific individual. Many factors should be taken into consideration such as the willingness of the individual to confront the problem and the severity of his or her addiction to alcohol. Other factors such as family history of alcoholism, antisocial or depressive disorders or hidden past abuse or trauma can contributing to the individual’s addiction. For these reasons it is important to consider hiring an alcohol intervention specialist to assist you in planning and executing the intervention. Intervention specialists are intimately familiar with the complicated nature of alcoholism and will know of different rehab facilities to suggest to the user. An intervention specialist lends a calm third-party view to the intervention.

Alcohol Intervention Help for Ohio Residents

If you need help planning an intervention for a loved one, or if you have any questions about alcohol abuse, addiction or interventionists, call our toll-free helpline. We have specialists waiting to answer any questions that you may have. Our helpline is active 24 hours a day. Call now.