Adventure Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Adventure Therapy for Addiction RecoveryAdventure therapy is a type of addiction treatment that connects the physical body with the emotional and mental effects of addiction through exercises, usually in an outdoor setting within a group of empathetic peers. The goal of this type of psychotherapy is to improve the self-esteem and self-concept of recovering Ohio residents. Adventure therapy attempts to change drug seeking and self-destructive social behaviors by overcoming trust issues.

Adventure Therapy and Problem Solving for Ohio Residents

Many adventure therapy sessions involve problem solving games that encourage every member of the group to participate and work together to find the answer. These puzzles or challenges often urge participants to dig deeper into the psychological reasons that started and continued their addiction. Adventure therapy provides a safe, controlled environment for participants from Ohio to explore the internal conflicts that led to their substance abuse.

Wilderness Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Wilderness therapy is a form of adventure therapy that encourages participants to be self-reliant and build confidence. By placing participants in survival situations, this therapy channels a patient’s extreme emotional response into a catalyst for psychological therapy. Adventure therapy can also be a positive distraction for an Ohio addict, as it removes the recovering addict from the surroundings that have encouraged his or her addiction.

Outdoor Education Therapy

Outdoor education is learning that takes place outside through outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, rock climbing, rope courses, water rafting or other types of group activity. The goals of outdoor education adventure therapy are to make participants more comfortable with others and themselves by overcoming physical and mental hardships and self-esteem issues together.

What Does Adventure Therapy Offer That Other Addiction Therapies Do Not?

Compared to other therapies adventure therapy is stimulating, different, exciting and engrossing. Adventure therapy is so physically engaging that the psychological issues surrounding addiction become almost tangible, pressing and very real. When the root causes of addiction are brought to the forefront, the addiction can be treated from the ground up. Patients in adventure therapy can also encounter real-life situations that they may experience in Ohio after release from primary treatments. Participants learn to avoid relapse triggers and cope with life after addiction and rehab.

How Ohio Residents Can Get Involved in Adventure Therapy

You can get involved in an adventure therapy program by first enrolling in rehab. The rehab center you choose should be tailored to your situation. The admissions counselor at a qualified treatment center will be able to tell you more information about the treatments at that particular facility. Some centers do not offer adventure therapy, and those that do will offer slightly different versions of the psychotherapy. Weigh your options and find the program that is right for you. Our call center can help you find information and choose the right center.

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