Addiction Assessment

Addiction AssessmentMost assessments give you a score or an indicator of how well you performed. When it comes to addiction assessments, the focus is on divulging information. The purpose of an addiction assessment is to get as much information about you so that addiction specialists can design a custom treatment plan. That way, the treatment program has a greater chance for meeting your needs and allowing you to recover. Addiction assessments help Ohio residents recover from addiction.

Who Gives Addiction Assessments for Ohio Residents?

The most logical place for you to start with an addiction assessment is with your family physician. The doctor has been a part of your medical history for a period of time and can determine if some of the symptoms you are feeling are related to treatable health issues or if they may require specialized assistance.

If the family physician rules out a medical issue, she may refer you to someone with more experience. Many other Ohio professionals can give an addiction assessment, including addiction counselors, physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers and other therapists.

What Happens during an Addiction Assessment for Ohio Residents?

Addiction specialists must refer to specific guidelines when assessing Ohio residents. Many professional organizations have spent considerable time and money conducting research to create the best procedures and recommendations for assessment. Some of these are standardized tools or questionnaires you will complete on your own or during an interview with a clinician.

Specialists will then look at your responses and determine the best way to get additional information further customize your treatment plan. Often, they will meet with you several times about your history of drug use, your feelings about causes for your drug use, as well as any other information that might shed more light on your current state.

What Information Does the Assessment Provide?

As mentioned earlier, the goal of the assessment is to gather baseline data so that a clinician or team of addiction specialists can develop a treatment plan for different Ohio addicts. Therefore, they are looking to learn about the following areas:

  • Addiction history – when did you start using, how did it start, what events were a factor in how your addiction progressed, and what are the variables that are preventing you for stopping the addictive behavior?
  • Addiction today – after getting a historical view, the clinician will delve into your current pattern drug use; here he will want you to be as specific as possible.
  • Current symptoms – exploring the physical, mental, emotional, psychological symptoms of your addiction will help the clinician develop strategies to deal with these symptoms.
  • Addiction effects – beside the personal effects, how is the addiction affecting your family, friends, ability to work, etc.
  • Readiness – at the core of any addiction treatment is your readiness to make a change and to do the work required for you to be successful.

Addiction Assessments for Ohio Residents

If you struggle with an addiction in Ohio and need help with addiction assessments, call our toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about addiction, rehab treatments, and how to get started. We are here to help.