Abandonment Issues and Addiction

Abandonment Issues and AddictionWhat we experience as children tends to affect us as adults. If you were abandoned by a loved one as a child, you may be unconsciously affected by issues of abandonment throughout your adult life in Ohio.

The emotional and even physical pain that abandonment causes can permanently change people before they are even aware of the changes themselves. Emotional scars can, over time, become more damaging than physical scars, because they are often unseen and untreated. Someone who felt abandoned, left behind, or ignored as a child may turn to the acceptance and support of other neglected individuals and experiment with drug use. Substance abuse may also begin as an escape from the painful feelings caused by abandonment. If someone who was abandoned is deeply damaged, the psychological effects may manifest as a mental health issue, such as depression or anxiety.

What Causes Addiction in Ohio Residents?

Not everyone who has experienced abandonment becomes addicted, just as not everyone who is struggling with an addiction has abandonment issues. There are several factors that contribute to substance abuse. The children of parents who struggled with addiction, however, are eight times more likely to develop a substance abuse problem themselves. No one knows exactly how much of substance abuse is nature and how much is nurture. But regardless of its causes, finding the right treatment can help you recover from an addiction and lead a healthy life in Ohio.

How Can Ohio Residents Move Forward from Abandonment Issues?

The abandonment you felt as a child was not in your control and you were unable to change your circumstances yourself. Now, however, you have the power to get the help and treatment you need to address and overcome your addiction and feelings of abandonment. Dwelling on the past can only worsen your psychological health and make you more likely to want to abuse drugs as a means of escape.

Abandonment and Addiction Therapy

Abandonment can be a very deeply hidden part of someone’s psyche, especially when accompanied by a serious problem like addiction. Acknowledging the underlying emotional issues that contribute to an addiction is the first step towards healing. Private and group therapies help addicts explore the reasons behind their addiction and allow them to discover ways to cope.

Treating Mental Health Issues of Ohio Residents

Often, abandonment issues lead to problems other than addiction. Developing a psychological illness or mental health issue may be another consequence of abandonment. Attempting to self-medicate or cope with a mental health issue, such as depression or PTSD, may be how an addiction begins.

For people with a Dual Diagnosis, those who have both an addiction and a mental health issue, it’s important to treat both issues simultaneously. Dual Diagnosis patients need specialized therapeutic treatments to prevent relapse.

Start Recovering from Drug Addiction and Abandonment Issues Today

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