Toledo Drug Rehabs

Your friend or family member in Toledo may require assistance from a drug treatment center. If you suspect your Toledo loved one may be suffering from an addiction, there are various signs you can look out for. Signs of addiction include:

  • Financial and legal issues due to drug use
  • Problems keeping commitments and maintaining responsibilities such as work or school
  • Acute health problems such as insomnia, weight changes, diarrhea or constipation
  • Chronic health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney or liver problems
  • Constant fighting with family members, coworkers or friends

If you suspect rrug addiction in someone that is important to you, getting them into a drug rehab program is the next step.

Drug Rehab Interventions for Toledo Addicts

Toledo Drug RehabsIf your loved one is exhibiting some of these signs of addiction, an intervention could be what it takes to get them into rehab. Many addicts have trouble admitting they have a problem, and that they are harming themselves and those around them. To stage an intervention, you must gather a handful of family and friends of the addict together. You’ll then confront the addict, telling stories about how you’ve been directly affected and hurt by their addiction. It’s imperative that the addict feels loved and supported throughout the intervention so make it clear that you have their best interests at heart. After everyone has had the chance to speak, offer the addict the opportunity to get help through a rehab program.

If you require a professional interventionist to assist you through this difficult time, please contact the number above.

Addiction Myths

A person will often tell themselves a number of things to justify drug use. Some of the myths about using drugs include:

  • Using once isn’t harmful. Each person’s chemical makeup is different and the way a drug affects one person may affect another very differently. Using unknown substances poses a high risk to your health.
  • Treatment doesn’t work. There are many cases where an individual may relapse after treatment. This doesn’t mean you have failed. It just means you have to adjust your recovery plan.
  • You can quit whenever you want to. Chemical abuse affects the brain so overcoming addiction requires more than just willpower.
  • Marijuana is not addictive. Marijuana can become a gateway drug to other more serious drugs. If it is easy to justify using one drug, it is just as easy to justify using another.

If you or a loved one in Toledo is experiencing problems with addiction, call our helpline to locate a treatment center that is right for them.