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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine AddictionCocaine is one of the most commonly abused drugs in Ohio. It can be administered as a powder or a solid referred to as “crack.” Although cocaine was once used for medicinal purposes, it is now regarded as a highly addictive, dangerous substance. Cocaine use in both the long and short term can be incredibly damaging to your health as well as your happiness. If you are a current cocaine user, you may want to consider what options are available to change that.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine has a highly addictive nature that makes it possible to become dependent after even minimal usage. It’s common to deny that an addiction exists after short-term usage, but there are a few symptoms that are highly indicative of cocaine dependency.

  • Cravings. Cocaine is not considered a physically addictive drug. After even one use though, most users begin to experience mental cravings. Often these cravings are more difficult to handle than physical ones, and lead you to consume larger quantities of the drug quickly.
  • Increases in consumption. Often cocaine addicts will increase their consumption because of mental cravings. Other times, addicts will simply use more because their bodies have grown accustomed to the drug, and they’re seeking a reaction that mimics their first time.
  • Extreme and rapid behavior changes. Perhaps the most noticeable symptom of cocaine addiction is the change in your behavior. The drug stimulates your central nervous system, making you excitable and impulsive. It can also cause paranoia and anxiety, and you may experience rapid, unexpected mood swings.

If you suspect your loved one has an addiction to cocaine, consider getting them help. If left untreated, cocaine addiction can have very dangerous consequences.

Dangers of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction comes with very high risks. Long-term addiction can lead to permanent psychosis including depression and schizophrenia, which is typically a major factor in cocaine-related suicides. Heavy cocaine use is also known to cause heart attacks and breathing problems which may lead to permanent heart or lung damage.

Overdose, however, is the most serious problem that can be associated with cocaine use. Overdose can occur when your system cannot tolerate the amount or type of cocaine you’ve consumed. You may experience intense pain, stop breathing, or even have one or more seizures. Overdose can result in permanent injury and even death. If you believe that you’ve overdosed on cocaine, seek medical attention immediately and consider seeking help for cocaine dependency.

Treating Cocaine Addiction

It’s extremely important to get treatment for a cocaine addiction because of the dangerous nature of the drug. Cocaine addiction is typically treated with multi-step, structured care. This allows you to receive help for any physical side effects as well as for mental dependency on the drug. All programs differ but it’s possible to find the type of treatment that is right for you. Our helpline is available to assist 24 hours a day.

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